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      Dear sir
      Many papers shows that RSOA have limitation of modulation bandwidth like 1.2 GHz
      please tell me
      1. Optiwave RSOA also have limitation like this..if yes then How & in which condition this effect our simulation
      2. As we know RSOA works as (Modualtor + amplifier) and MZM is only modulator …then we should get good result in RSOA compre to MZM. but in my simulation MZM gives much better results then RSOA how is it possible.
      3. if possible to u to send me file which show RSOA is better then MZM .
      4 in which condition we can operate RSOA in Saturturation

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      IN your simulation MZM giving much better results then RSOA? what parameters are you comparing?
      Can you please attach a screen shot of the project?

      youcan also go through:
      Home » Resources » Applications » SOA Gain Saturation – Gaussian Pulses

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      Hi Mukesh,

      I think that one of the key points of using RSOA for transmission performance is decision threshold level adjustment (DTLA). you can take a look at paper “Improving upstream transmission performance using a receiver with decision threshold level adjustment in a loopback WDM-PON”.

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      Would like to see your scheme to further assist you with your questions.

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