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      shamsudheen p

      I want to compare the performance of my visible light communication system for different modulation schemes like AM,FM and FM. Is it possible with optisystem?
      the layout is attached here. Is there any problem with this design? please give me a solution.

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      Abhishek Shrama


      You are working on vLC and screen shot of system you have attached is correct,but if you want to compare the AM ,FM and PM then you compare them separately by selecting same parameters in all e.g.Frequency of laser,power and fso distance etc.And your second Question that it is possible in optisystem,yes it is possible.Also frequency band for visible region is 429-790.you can select the frq. in this range and compare different modulations.One more thing you can take into account is FSO attenuation and beam divergence,as there parameter effect your link distance alot.
      Already there had been a discussion regarding use of LED sources and VLC systems. a number of common doubts were clarified and systems were attached. check the link and read the discussion carefully. hope u will get to understand the use.
      let me know if any help still required.!!

      awgn noise

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      Ashu verma

      Hello shamusdheen
      Abhishek gave you very good explanation about VLC and system you have attached .I just want to add that you can compare three modulations in one system also,But parameters should be identical in all of these.Also free space optical link very much prone to beam divergence as Abhishek mentioned.
      Here i have given some papers for understanding of VLC. Hope you got answer for your quaeries.

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      shamsudheen p

      Thanks Abhishek Shrama and Sam Sung for your valuable response. I am having the doubt that even if I am using different modulations at the transmitter side, only one type of demodulation technique is used at the receiver. So can I have the same data at the receiver without using different demodulators?
      Dear Sam Sung, May I know how to compare the three modulations in one system?
      it would be very helpful if you attach a screen shot of the layout.

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