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      siva rama krishna

      Currently i am working on Duobinary modulation using OptiSystem.
      Can anyone tell me how to use parameters of Dual arm mach zehender modulator(like Switching RF voltage, Switching Bias voltage, Bias voltage 1, Bias Voltage 2 etc).
      In many papers VPi value is mentioned but in this modulator which parameter is equivalent to VPi.
      Please help me to understand these concepts.

      Thanks in Advance
      Siva Rama Krishna

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      Tech Support

      Great question! I’ve sent it to our OptiSystem team. You should have a reply on Monday.

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      Tech Support

      Bonus! Received an answer from our system team immediately, please see below:

      Both the “Switching bias voltage” and “Switching RF voltage” should be set to Vpi.

      The “Bias voltage 1” represents a bias applied to the upper modulator arm. The “Bias Voltage 2” represents a bias applied to the lower modulator arm. If a bias is externally supplied, it is recommended to set both these values to 0.

      To keep things simple it is recommended to disable the “Normalize electrical signal” field. When disabled the MZM component will only use the “Switching bias” and “Switching RF” voltages.

      Enclosed is an example circuit for the LiNb MZ Modulator (saved in Version 11 of OS). It shows example setups for Peak, Null and Quadrature settings (externally biased).

      Please note that for other devices, Vpi is:

      Dual Port Dual Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator Measured (Modulation voltage12)
      Dual Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator Measured (Modulation voltage12)
      Single Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator Measured (Modulation voltage)

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      Ibn Aziz

      @Tech Support
      1. What would be the value of Vpi for LiNb MZM ??

      2. WIll u elaborate how to use these parameters (as in above Question) for LiNb mach zehender modulator (like Switching RF voltage, Switching Bias voltage, Bias voltage 1, Bias Voltage 2 etc) especially when using external modulation with RF source as providing modulating signal, DC generator for biasing and CW laser source as carrier.
      Kindly tell me how to relate these parameters with sine generator and Dc generator.

      3. Also tell me how u relate these parameters (as u have given in above attached file) for three different cases i.e. Peak Operating point, Null Operating point and Quadrature operating point.
      a. Quadrature operating point
      Bias (Vdc=Vpi); V1-V2=Vpi/2=2
      Max Voltage delta is 4(Vpi)

      b. Peak operating point
      Bias (Vdc=0); V1-V2=0
      Vpi=4; Vrf=4
      Max Voltage delta is 4(Vpi)

      c. Null operating point
      Bias (Vdc=Vpi); V1-V2=Vpi=4
      Max Voltage delta is 8(2Vpi)

      I want to know how u relate all these above parameters with Sine generator and MZM modulato?

      4. Further i want to know how and why u have chosen all these values ?? and how these values and parameters affect the operation of all three different operation.

      Please help me out, i really need assistance.

      I wil be very thakful to u for ur help and assistance.

      Best Regards
      Best Wishes

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