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      There are two ‘designer’ files attached below with their output. Their is slight change in the two structures given as under:

      The refractive index of 4 rods has been changed (known as coupling rods) in Figure 2.

      Now, my question is the normalised output of Figure 2 is reaching more than ‘1‘, which should not be happening. There may be two things responsible for it-
      1. The input power of vertical plane which is set as 1 V/m.
      2. The time period of the simulations.

      I am doing the both the simulations for equal time. Shall i have to change the time steps for the simulations or any thing else has to be modified. Kindly answer.

      The subsequent files are attached in replies below as there some error in uploading multiple files at once.

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      Other Files

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      Figure 1 and 2

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Subhashish,

      Another gentleman had a very similar question only a different application. I explained why this happens and some ways to mitigate this effect to achieve a better simulation result. Please take a look at the following forum topic and try the suggestions I make:

      Strange PC behaviour changing some parameters


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      Ok Sir, I will try the same.

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