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      Narender Kumar

      How can i make a model in which i can modify the fiber length, change the bit rate and measure the output received power at the receiver ?

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      Sushank Chaudhary

      Hi Narender,

      You can design any optical communication system and modified any parameters of component according to your requiremens and visualize optical , binary and electrical results by using visualizers avialable in the optisystem component library.

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      Tech Support

      What modulation format do you want to use? I attached a DP QPSK system with coherent detection. Please find the attached file. You could also take a look at our samples folder. There are more options. You can easily change the fiber length by double click the fiber. Bit rate is a global parameter and you could change that by double click the interface. The output received power can be measured by a power meter.

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      Ahmad Mustafa

      You can also use MATLAB Cosimulation technique to change the fiber length and other parameters within the same simulation. Please go through the sample .m and .osd files to understand it better.

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