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      Hye. I am a student of one of the universities in Malaysia. I am using Optisystem for my FYP. Can anybody explain how can I build this system setup? If my setup is correct?

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      Hi Muhammad, i believe the examples library will be of help to you for your project. You can find an example of WDM PON system in the samples library. This example should give you an idea of what to do. In the Optisystem software click file, and click example. The file WDM PON example can be found by following the file path below.
      Note: your optisystem samples folder may be saved somewhere else.
      C:\Users\NAME\Documents\OptiSystem 16.0 Samples\Metro and access systems\PON and CDMA systems

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      Thank you so much for the reply sir. I will refer to that later on.

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      Help. I cannot find an example because I am using Optisystem version 9.0. What is the best setup for the FTTH if my title for the research is Performance Analysis of FBG Based WDM-PON using FTTH Architecture?

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      Hi, I have attached the WDM PON.osd file in a zip folder.

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      I try to open but it said like this.

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      That example is from Optisystem 16.0 . There must be some components that are not compatible with your version of Optisystem. You should try upgrading your version of Optisystem to the newer version.



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      Hye. can you send all the photos of the setup on my email? I cannot upgrade the system as the system is being used only in the university’s lab. Can you help me, sir? My email is: imransenyum@gmail.com

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