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      dear damain,

      i can export the file in DAT format and import in multimode edfa, nw i have given short form block diagram layout that i have made, in which

      1.cw spatial laser
      parabolic index fiber
      3.measured index fiber
      4.multimode edfa( with imported my profile)

      in which i had generated my desired mode, but i don’t know, what are the setting to be made at multimode edfa to amplify of modes, so i need the clear explanation regarding that parameter ,like ( signal index m,n and pump index m n)

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Vignes,

      The way the model works (and you can check the component help for more detail) is by accepting signal modes and pump modes that you can describe in the numerical tab. It also takes details about the Er ion distribution in the Main tab. So you can declare that the Er doping is only under a certain radius (so some modes will not be amplified) or you can import an Er ion density distribution file, that will provide a more realistic simulation.


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