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      Damian Marek

      We are in the process of developing new application examples for our advanced users. Applications such as 100 Gbps OFDM optical systems, mode multiplexed transmission, dispersion-compensating photonic crystal fibers, densely packed multimode optical waveguides, micro-ring resonator switches, etc.

      Not only will these examples offer us an excellent opportunity to showcase our capabilities, but they also give our user base a strong foundation in which they can build their own designs from.

      In this thread, we would like to find out which applications each of you is interested in. Please include as much detail as possible (scientific papers, links, drawings, etc.).


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      Abdallah Ismail

      Mode Division Multiplexing is a promising technology,i’m trying to build a MDM system using MIMO.
      I have many scientific papers but the system have a problem with uploading.
      i attached this photo to success in posting

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      Jaffar Emad Kadum

      Hi Damian,

      I suggest you to include more detailed examples about Radio-over-fiber system including different applications such as Ultra wide band over fiber (UWBoF) system because it is very modern and advanced application. I attach herewith an example of UWBoF system that I am working on it.


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      Jaffar Emad Kadum

      Dear Damian, I suggest you to include system used Polarization modulator as a tool to optically generate UWB signals and PoLM is not included as a module in Optisytem.

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      Hi Dear

      That’s really great .. and we need more support in this field especially all the world interest in Fiber Optic .. I suggest
      1- Support to design the modeling
      2- More examples toward the 100 Gbps and beyond.
      3- Error details when any error occur.

      Thank you .. with best regards

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      Hi Damian,
      Ring resonator in optisystem is great. Please add real-time oscilloscope as well. I have difficulties
      in real time data observations never get it done. The visualizer works in sampling mode not in real time, if both cool.

      One more thing, the electrical analyzer perhaps needs built-in an o/e converter. Thus it may simplify circuits.
      Optical cavity in a ring can be easily measured by using this analyzer.

      all the best.

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      any more sample for optiFDTD? 🙁 I cannot find the sampled is trial version would you please help me to how to find the samples in this software? indeed I have a lot crashes wit windows 8! for optibpm I wish to have more example in case of multilayer waveguides, many thanks.

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        Damian Marek

        You should see the samples folder in your documents. If they are not there you can navigate to the installation folder:

        Program Files -> Optiwave Software -> OptiFDTD ##

        and run the OptiFDTD Samples executable.

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      Heitor Galvao

      Due to increasing amount of applications that require high bandwidth and high speed, standardization currently being conducted for future PON, named next generation Optical access network State 2 (Next Generation Passive Optical Network 2, NG-PON2). The main requirements for NG-PON2 are: support aggregate rate all the ONUs of 40 Gb/s of internet support of mobile devices (mobile backhaul), offer service of 1 Gb/s or more to users, 40 miles of range, 64 units of ONUs and 40 miles of range differential The Group of full service access network (The Full Service Access Network FSAN Group) considered many architectures of networks to meet the requirements of NG-PON2. Among them, were studied: the Division Multiplexing PON wavelength (Wavelength Division Multiplexing PON, WDM-PON), the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing PON (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing PON, OFDM-PON), and multiplexing by wavelength-division and Time PON (Time and Wavelength Division Multiplexed PON, TWDM-PON). Among all the proposals presented, the architectures TWDM-PON was selected by FSAN in April 2012 as first solution for NG-PON2. This technology uses WDM for stacking multiple pairs of wavelengths XG-PONs. As mentioned, the XG-PON offers rate 9.953 Gb/s, 2.488 Gb/s for downstream transmissions and upstream, respectively. Soon, in order to achieve the throughput requirements of NGPON2, It is necessary the system TWDM-PON with at least 4 XG-PONs.
      Suggest applications for NGPON2 using TWDM networks-PONs

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      i need advanced application for all optical cross connect oxc

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      Mohamed Ajina

      Hi Mr. Marek

      Can you find a mistake in the attached circuit
      I can not get the correct results


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      mohammed mostafa

      I hope success for you ,i need illustrate for OptiFDTD applicatio

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      Multicarrier CDMA is an interesting subject in passive optical networks and I have discussed it on “Optisystem OFDM block”. currently, there is no way to build it without the help of Matlab component. You can also take this into consideration. Thanks.

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      Abdullah Baig

      Dear Sir:
      I am working on 8Gbit/s radio over fiber system in which i have to set the cutoff frequency of Low Pass Rectangular Filter. I want to inquire that on which factors should i kept in mind while sting the cutoff frequency. i am using the script i-e 0.2*bitrate=cutoff frequency or 0.75*bitrate=cutoff frequency

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      i suggest to simulate full-duplex LTE-ROF system , specially the up-link ( SC-FDMA )

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      Thanks Feras, I will try this.

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      dear team,

      i attached about few mode fiber amplifier about spectral equalization ..

      and also very familiar with dispersion compensation with photonic crystal fiber

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      sir how rotate the component in optisystem.how rotate left or right?how see the SNR in gragh?

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      thank u for ur respone.in layout parameter which sequence length,sample per bit used?in general

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      Abhishek Shrama

      thank you for this thread.. I’ve been thinking of this for a long time.
      1. Add fibers of different standards by diff major providers e.g. alcatel, corning etc( I’ve used it in some other software)
      2. OPC as a component for WDM systems. provided OPC doesnot work in WDM Systems (Tried it in OFDM WDM)
      3. design of MDM tx and rx with inbuilt mode generators and other components.
      4. Add parameters to include effect of vibrations in IsOWC Systems.
      5. All Optical Gates can also be considered as inbuilt functions.
      6. Examples or more components if required for OCDMA 3D Coding( WTS and WTP)
      7. Visulaizers for XPM and SPM
      8. Few Mode fiber Amplifier

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      hello..sorry for interrupt you guys… can anyone help me to solve my problem. actually i use numerical method (split step fourier method) in matlab to prove the effect of fiber losses, dispersion and non-linearity in optical soliton and also need to compare that result with optisystem. actually, i already got the result from optisystem for fiber losses, dispersion and SPM. i compared the effect of fiber losses (alpha), GVD (beta2), and SPM (gamma) based on the 3 physical length. (i picked 10km, 20km, and 30km).but here, i need to tally the result with matlab (split step fourier method) n must be the same result with optisystem. i try to change the coding, but it failed. since i picked 3 physical length in optisystem result, so i need to setup the same physical length in matlab coding to test the effect of fiber losses, GVD,and SPM.. i hope you guys help me to solve this problem.. im tired to thinking how to solve this problem. here i attached the coding and the result from optisystem.hope you guys help me.. 🙁

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      matlab coding and result optisystem

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      umer ashraf wani

      what about optical sensors
      and aqua opti system
      umer ashraf

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