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      Asmaa Rayan

      I’m working to implement an OFDM transceiver connected via optical fibers,

      While using optisystem simulations, I’m sending 1440 bits (output of transmitter), but I received 128 bits at the receiver,

      I tried to change the value of sequence length to receive the same number of bits at the transmitter, but the generated output bits from the transmitter increased and are not the same as the received bits.

      What should I do?

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      Damian Marek

      Which version of OptiSystem are you using and can you please attach the project file? Might be something to do with pilot tones and training symbols.


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      Hi Asmaa,

      As Damian said before, can you, please, upload your project? At the same time, can you upload your results as well (by screen-shoting) so we can better understand your problem?

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      Helloo Asmaa Rayan!
      you should upload .osd file, so that we know the problem in the project

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      Asmaa Rayan

      Find attached the .osd file, transmitter and part of receiver mfiles

      Trial11 as the transmitter file

      yala3 as the part of receiver file

      OFDM transceiver as the .osd file

      and an attached photo to the workspace of matlab showing the results i’m comparing,


Viewing 4 reply threads
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