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      Hello All,

      I have a question regarding Observation Line. Since observation point can show a graph between certain range (can be set). But on the other hand observation line is showing graph at a fixed point only. Attached below are images of observation point and observation line panels.

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      The observation line panel is attached below.

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        Damian Marek

        You can look at the spectrum of the observation line by clicking on that “Power Spectrum” button. The reason why the observation line functions differently than the observation point is because the latter directly records the time domain information of the field. To do this over a line (many points) or a observation area (many many points) is simply because it would take a lot of memory.

        The power spectrum is a little more limited in that you need to set the parameters up before the simulation takes place. In Simulation Parameters you would need to modify the “DFT Options”.


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