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      Hello Sir,
      I am trying to simulate 2-D non linear material as photonic crystals in OptiFDTD. The problem is how to make the waveguide structure. The non-linear material can have 2nd order, 3rd order, Kerr or Raman property. If i want to introduce Kerr non-linearity the software will ask for these values :-
      1. Relative Linear Permittivity
      2. Response Time
      3. Permittivity.

      Please tell me from where to get these values for non-linear materials. Also with the increase of input power will the refractive index change of the non-linear material. How to increase the input power.

      Thank you

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      Aurelien Duval


      The equation ruling Kerr nonlinear materials is described in the technical background manual page 24. The values are intrinsic to the material you are trying to simulate. You can either find them experimentally or look them up in scientific articles or databases.

      To change the input power:
      -go to the input field properties window (by double-clicking the input source in the project browser or double clicking the red line/point in the designer window)
      -Open the 2D or 3D transverse tab (depending on your type of simulation)
      -Change the amplitude or power values at the bottom of the panel

      Best regards

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