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      Damian Marek


      I recently acquired a network license of an Optiwave software package and I would like a little more explanation of what exactly it allows me to do. Say I have a two user license, does it matter if both users are accessing the server through Remote Desktop?

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      Damian Marek


      It does not matter where the users run the software, whether from their networked computers or on the server over the Remote Desktop. However, only two at a time can use the software. Every user-session which runs the software takes a license from the licensing server, which is the computer with the USB licensing dongle.

      The 2-user network license allows any 2 users connected to the network to use the software. To be more specific, only 2 user-sessions or logins can use the software. For example:

      Up to two independent users can use the software on their different computers.
      The same user can use the software on up to two different computers (e.g. 2 independent user login sessions).
      Up to two independent users can use Remote Desktop to run the software on a server.

      The phrase “connected to the network” means any of the following:

      The users are on the same subnet as the licensing server
      The user’s computer is connected to a different subnet, but their computer is configured to retrieve the licensing information from the licensing server.

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        how can i know my licence is the network licence?

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          Alessandro Festa

          I did not know there was this kind of license so I also ask Damian if he can clarify how to know the license type.

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          Damian Marek

          If you are not using an evaluation license and you don’t have a USB dongle plugged directly into your machine you are most likely using a network license. I believe in your particular case you are indeed using a network license.

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          Alessandro Festa

          Hi Damian, thank you for claryfing this aspect…I am using a USB dongle on my computer so I do not have a network license.

          Best Regards,


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