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      Please any one guide me whether my WDM design is correct or not.Please give suggestions for this one.
      In this simulation after 300km only four channels are shown.The rest of channels are disappeared.

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Hi sayed
      Your system is working properly and all the parameters are set correctly.Only thing you have to do is set the FBG BW around 20THz and change the center freq. of FBG to 193.1.You were getting the results on only that channels which were in 1THz of BW from your FBG selected center freq.Try it and you will desired results.I will attach file,once you try it by your own.

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      Thanks for your reply.
      Set the parameter as you say “set the FBG BW around 20THz and change the center freq. of FBG to 193.1”.I get the desired result.
      But how can i understand which BW and center frequency for 16 channels ?
      could you give me please any formula how can i set BW and center frequency per channels in WDM system ?

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Hi sayed
      In general bandwidth of FBG is three times the bit rate.But this is only when you are using single wavelength for transmission.Fbg simply reflect that wavelength according to the grating spacing fixed by you.As you are using 16 wavelengths with 100GHz channel spacing ,you have to set the FBG BW more .But i am not sure about 20THz ,because this BW is excessively large.Basic idea is you can use BW in which all your channels come.There are no hard and fast rules to select frequency equal to 193.1,you can select other too.

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      Ashu verma

      Hi Sayed
      Abhishek explained well,But i would like to correct the answer on FBG bandwidth.As Abhishek said BW is 20THz ,but this value of B.W is really large .Better then this you can follow simply this method
      If you spacing between channels is 200GHz and 16 channels then

      A rough calculation would be
      So according to me 3.2THz BandWidth would be sufficient for Fiber Bragg grating in this system.Try it and see the results whether system work or not.

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      Thanks everyone.But in this simulation face to another problem.When set EDFA operation mode change in gain control to 10dB, Q factor are shows 0.Please help me to find this problem.

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        Alessandro Festa

        Hi, it is hard to comment without the simulation file…maybe the gain is too small for the link to be made?

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Please attach your file.

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      Please check it

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Hi sayed,I am not able to find your file,will you please attach again

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      Please check Attachments WDM_design_Change_Gain_Control.

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      problem attaching file.please anyone help again i started new topics “Need Help 2” with attach WDM_design_Change_Gain_Control.

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      Damian Marek

      Hi All,

      We are noticing some issues with attaching files and are working to get his fixed. It doesn’t seem to happen all of the time, but it definitely is causing a problem in this topic.


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