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      Aulia Laksono

      Hello dear kind Sirs,
      Would you mind helping me?

      I want to re-simulate this paper : Analysis of Independent Strain-Temperature Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing Technique Using OptiSystem and OptiGrating
      but only the temperature sensor part.

      My setup is as attached.
      I believe I have exported my OptiGrating file (.txt, all OptiSystem format) and load the file correctly but when I run the simulation the OSA shows nothing whatsoever.
      Did I miss something?

      Also where can I see the Temperature vs Wavelength graph for the simulation?
      I have set my OptiGrating sensor setting and set the temperatur to the Linear option. Is there anything else I have to do? I can’t seem to find how to show the graph in the Help menu.

      Thank you in advance!

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      Amin Khorshidahmad

      Hello Aulia,

      Thanks for your inquiry;
      In OptiGrating you may design your grating and calculate the transmission/reflection spectra under certain temperature and/or strain profile(s) in separate simulations. You may then export the spectra and load it into the “OptiGrating” component within OptiSystem. This component models the grating as a fixed filter. In your OSA setup please make sure the wavelength range is correctly centered around the source center frequency. You may shift the grating filter center frequency by checking the “user defined frequency” and then setting the “Frequency” within the OptiGrating component if required.
      Please note OptiSystem also includes Fiber Bragg Grating and FBG Sensor components. The latter could be used to perform temperature and strain sweep simulation. Several FBG sensor examples can be found in the examples library of the OptiSystem under Sensor systems\FBG Sensor.

      Please feel free to contact me at amin.khorshidahmad@optiwave.com for more info.

      Kind regards,

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