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      Ahmad Mustafa

      Hi all,

      I want to use Step-Index Multimode fiber in my OptiSystem simulations. I can just find Parabolic-Index Multimode Fiber (Minimum number of radial steps can be 10 while for a Step Index Fiber, I need only two radial steps or 2 refractive indexes).
      The other block is Measured-Index Multimode Fiber which I suppose can be used to load a .txt file with user defined Step-Index profile. The question is how the format of Step-Index profile is defined in this .txt file? Or is there any other way to use a step-Index fiber in OptiSystem?

      May thanks.

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      Damian Marek


      Here is a response I got from our OptiSystem team:

      Yes, this is possible with the Measured Index Multimode Fiber component.

      If you take the enclosed profile and set as constants the core index (up to the selected design radius) and then the cladding index value (for remaining radii) the simulation should work fine.

      I have attached a text file for you to edit as you desire.

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      Ahmad Mustafa

      Hi Damian,

      Yes, I had written the same question to the OptiSystem team and got their reply. The good thing is this solution works to simulate step-index profile 🙂
      I used MATLAB to generate the text file in the format I wanted 🙂


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