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      Dear I want to open my account in my computer office and as well as my laptop but surprisingly I just can be login by one computer more than that it will say my password or either my username is wrong, would you please let me know about this? or I just can connect with one computer? many thanks

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      Damian Marek

      Do you mean logging in to the forum? Is this a forum issue?

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      ye logging the forum has problem for me I just can enter with once!!! let’s say I have 2 computers and I want to logging both of them, first is alright second one will say the passwords is wrong!!!! with he same password and same condition…

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      Bryan Tipper

      This should be okay, as I’m constantly logged into two different computers.

      Perhaps you are entering your information into the Evaluation login portal (http://www.optiwave.com/ppSD2/login.php) rather than the Forum login portal (https://optiwave.com/forum-login/)?

      Are any other members having this issue?


Viewing 3 reply threads
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