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      Roman Ibragimov

      Hi. I want to know about opportunities of calculation OptiSystem and other products. Optiwave announced supporting CUDA for calculation telecom systems. This feature decreases time of iteration.
      But, what can we do with computers and notebook without powerful videocards? I mean, if we use computer with core 2 duo (without videocard CUDA), i will get in Task manager only 30% CPU.
      And i have a question. Can i load both core in computer? or maybe use distrubuted calculation?

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      Alessandro Festa

      AFAIK, the best way to exploit multicore in Optiwave is to open as many windows as the number of cores you have.

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Roman,

      Starting with OptiSystem 10 we have supported multi-threading for paralleled systems and now in OptiSystem 13 we support multi-threaded parameter sweeps.

      Here are some links to the two releases:




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      Damian Marek

      I’ll just add that you need to change some options in the simulation window to take full advantage:

      Before simulating your project click on the Schedulers button, then choose the CIDF MTScheduler. If it is not there then just add it by clicking Add.

      Then click the Setup button and match the number of calculation threads to the number of cores on your computer (or the number of threads you would like to run).

      The benefit of multithreading will depend on how parallel your system is. I was easily getting simulation speeds 3 times faster on an OFDM sample file.

      Try it out!

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        Roman Ibragimov

        WOw. It’s work. Thank you)
        Because when i used CIDF Scheduler I couldn’t work with few windows Optisystem.

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