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      dear damian,

      i have attached my design profile for edfa here i can generate lot of modes but i need to know how to generate particular mode and how to upload file on refractive index parameter, and also u told to me that u can change ion density distribution , but how can change my ion distribution on fiber profile using optifibre software…….. let me know the technical details about the interface between optifibre and optisystem and take my work to use in multimode edfa

      the designed profile for MULTIMODE GENERATION

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      Damian Marek

      Here is a forum post on exporting the OptiFiber data file:

      Optisystem with optifiber

      The Er ion distribution is done directly in OptiSystem, as it does not effect the modes that exist in a fiber. Double click the Er Doped Multimode Fiber and go to the Help button. At the bottom of the technical background there is an example of how to construct the data file. Left column normalized radius and right column ion density.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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