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      nw i tried to design for my calculated v-number in stepindex multimode fibre , the data is given,

      core dia-62.5 micrometer,
      core cladding index -1.5%
      core refractive index -1.480
      operating wavelength -1300

      after taking this design into optifibre, i could see lot of modes which exceed my v-number that i have calculated, so what are the optimization need to take for constraining our calculated modes

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      Damian Marek

      The biggest thing you can change is the core diameter. 62.5 um is quite large! For single mode fiber, it is usually less then 10.

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      Abdallah Ismail

      I agree with Damain but also I think the V number is very large and it’ll pass very large no. of modes.

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      Qiongyue Kang

      the core diameter of your design is quite large. try to reduce it and see the number of guided modes again.

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      thank to u kang, and which area of u working in optical domain, because if ur area is confine with me we will share our work and put more efforts towards the work

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