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      Brian Pamukti

      Hi Everyone.
      i want to ask something that spinning over my head.
      it’s about my final task on my own university.

      can you explain how MLSE (maximum likelihood sequence estimation) Equalizer solving problem of PMD effect on high bit rate (over 40 10Gbps) ?

      Thanks. i’m sorry about my bad english 🙂

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      Brian Pamukti Hi!
      you want to know “How MLSE (maximum likelihood sequence estimation) Equalizer solving problem of PMD effect on high bit rate”? please go through the link: Home » Resources » Applications » Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Estimation (MLSE) Equalizer
      Also, the MLSE Equalizer component is available in the OptiSystem component library folder ‘Default/Receivers Library/Regenerators’
      Initially The signal is fed to a propagation channel that causes intersymbol interference (ISI). Subsequently, the signal is applied to the MLSE equalizer component that will compensate the signal dispersion, by employing the channel estimation. MLSE (maximum likelihood sequence estimate) is an electronic equalizer. It uses the Viterbi algorithm to equalize the input signal through a dispersive channel. The channel estimation is implemented as a FIR filter, with the initial tap coefficients provided by the user.
      For more information you can go through the text book “Digital Communications, by J. G. Proakis 3rd ed McGraw-Hill, 1995” and paper by F. Buchali, et al., titled “Viterbi equalizer for mitigation of distortions from chromatic dispersion and PMD at 10 Gb/s,” OFC’2004, vol.1, Paper MF-85, Feb. 2004.

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      W. Sauer-Greff, A. Dittrich, M. Lorang, and M. Siegrist (2001-04-16). “Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Estimation of Nonlinear Channels in High-Speed Optical Fiber Systems” (PDF). The Telecommunications Research Center Vienna.

      Andrea Goldsmith (2005). “Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation”. Wireless Communications. Cambridge University Press. pp. 362–364. ISBN 9780521837163.

      Crivelli, D. E.; Carrer, H. S., Hueda, M. R. (2005) “Performance evaluation of maximum likelihood sequence estimation receivers in lightwave systems with optical amplifiers”, Latin American Applied Research, 35 (2), 95–98.

      Katz, G., Sadot, D., Mahlab, U., and Levy, A.(2008) “Channel estimators for maximum-likelihood sequence estimation in direct-detection optical communications”, Optical Engineering 47 (4), 045003. doi:10.1117/1.2904827

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