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      Álvaro Robledo

      Hi all,

      I am developing a system that cosimulates the Radio-over-Fiber transmission of CP-OFDM signals with MATLAB. I generate the signal in MATLAB and apply the carrier (3.5GHz) and then enter Optisystem. In Optisystem I only have a CW laser and a MZM to modulate the RF signal, a fiber, and a photodiode (see image attached). Then I go back with the resulting signal to MATLAB and evaluate the EVM.

      The problem is, while I have very good values of OFDM, they don’t vary with the fiber length as expected.

      Has anyone tried a similar setup, or could anyone give some insight into this? It’d be much appreciated.

      Thank you

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Alvaro,
      We can check your project if you would send the OptiSystem project and the Matlab codes as a zip file to ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com.

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      Álvaro Robledo

      Hello Ahmad,

      thank you for your offering, we were already able to solve the problem. In fact it was my fail.


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