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      Marliana Jaafar

      hello & best regard.
      I have a problem with my project by using optisystem combining with MATLAB software.
      Here I have attach with the complete coding and the block diagram of my project.

      In the first block diagram, it is actually already done by using experiment. Based on the experiment, I want to apply it in the Optisystem software and give the same result as the experiment.

      I have try use ‘PRBS, Quadrature modulator, Matlab component, Quadrature demodulator, and BER’ block diagram for the B2B (Back-2-Back) 2D-QAM/CAP from electrical-to-electrical signal as a first trial.

      However, I cannot get the result in BER analyzer. Thus, the questions are :-

      1. How can I relate my coding in MATLAB with Optisystem block diagram?
      2. In the modulation & demodulation can setting the value (ex: filter, frequency), so how can I interface this value into the MATLAB coding, since the value still use in other command?
      3. I have try use ‘User-defined bit sequence’ block to call my PRBS data in .dat file. But why it still cannot work? What is the mean by ‘line number 0’ error?

      Thank you for your cooperation.

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      Ahmad Mustafa

      Hello Marliana,

      The solution lies in the following .m and .osd sample file 🙂


      Follow these two sample files carefully to see how to export data from MATLAB to OptiSystem and vice versa.

      Good Luck.


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      Marliana Jaafar

      thank you Ahmad Mustafa. I’ve try to run the sample,unfortunately it has error on the matlab coding, & the optisystem also cancel the calculation.. I’ve figure up the error on matlab, but however there is still have error on line 80..

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