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      Masud Rana

      Assalamualikum(Peace be upon you)

      I am new to optisystem

      I want to build up a user define component in optisystem by Matlab like a switch or a sawtooth optical or electrical wave source, I read all available material such as component library, Matlab Optical-Example, Matlab Binary-Example, Matlab Electrical-Example, but i did not understand the matlab code of those material(why those code written like this?) and the input output structure of optisystem.

      If any one out there to help me, i will be very kind

      Thank you

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Masud Rana,

      I understand that the Matlab component does cause confusion! Have you tried watching the short tutorial videos at:

      Matlab Binary Switch

      Let me know if these help because that was their purpose! Also if you are not familiar or perhaps “rusty” with Matlab I would suggest reviewing their help on data structures:


      I think with understanding data structures and the way OptiSystem stores data into these Matlab data structures the rest is much easier.


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      Useful material, thanks Damain!

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