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      Ajay Vyas


      Currently, me and my team are working on nonlinear distortion reduction for Radio over Fiber application.
      Our main objective under this work is to design a Predistorter based on memory polynomial This predistorter will be developed in MATLAB environment & co simulated with Optisystem. At the moment we are trying to co simulate the polynomial based predistorter in MATLAB with OptiSystem.

      In this reference we go through a paper (abstract) under the title of
      Simulation for Digital Predistortion of OFDM-RoF Based on the OptiSystem
      Authors: Jiantao Zou

      Shilin Zhang
      Link: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2452945

      The fundamental of this paper is same as we proposed but we are unable to get full length paper in our university and other many universities. We are also not getting any corresponding address of the authors

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      Lizzie Li

      It is just a Proceeding paper, maybe it only has an abstract, like a post.

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Ajay,

      Seems like you have things figured out! Unfortunately, the paper was not authored by anyone at Optiwave, so we cannot provide it for you. Maybe someone else on the forum knows the authors or can help you get in touch with them!


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      Luis Acevedo

      Goodd idea :_)
      Oh there in not there is not co simulation with Matlab 🙁

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      Luis Acevedo

      Watch out this

      OptiSystem – Hot Topics

      Co Simulation examples



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