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      Naveenta Gautam

      Hi, I am working on a DP-QPSK system in OPTISYSTEM where I have replaced the receiver side DSP by writing MATLAB codes and connecting a MATLAB component right after the coherent receiver. After the Rx side DSP (done using MATLAB component) I want to export the equalized signals back to optisystem, pass it through a thresholder and QPSK decoder and calculate the BER. I wrote the following code but I’m unable to get the MATLAB calculated signals back to optisystem. Your help will be appreciated.

      OutputPort1.Sampled.Signal = OutX_Real;
      OutputPort2.Sampled.Signal = OutX_Imag;
      OutputPort3.Sampled.Signal = OutY_Real;
      OutputPort4.Sampled.Signal = OutY_Imag;

      where OutX_Real is the inphase component of the X polarisation. Please refer to the attached file.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Naveenta,
      You can’t load OptiSystem project to the forum. You may email me (ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com) the project and the Matlab code to provide guidance.
      Meanwhile, please note that the signal entered to the Decision component can be standardized levels (+/-1) or not, that is why we’ve added to the Decision component in version 18.0 a field to choose weather there is a DSP or not.

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