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      elisa saadah

      my name Elisa Saadah, I’m a student University of Riau, Indonesia
      I want ask something about OptiGrating
      Hope you can answer because this thing make me confuse
      in OptiGrating 4.2 , there is lesson about material dispersion
      and the then the final result is a graph between, trasmitivity/reflectivity and wavelength
      there is note ..

      The graph shows the wavelengths for which the grating with period 450 μm will
      transfer the incident mode’s power to the other five modes.

      my question how the connection between power with transmistivity/refelctivity?

      and for the graph, its the graph show transmitivity from multimode FBG?

      Thanks a lot for the answer

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      Steve Dods

      The graph is the transmitted power in the incident mode, LP(0,1). In the Fiber Modes dialog box, there are 5 other modes selected: LP(0,2) to LP(0,6). As the wavelength changes, the grating period of 450 microns will sometimes be the right period to couple light from LP(0,1) to one of the other modes. If coupling occurs, the power is lost from the LP(0,1) mode and it appears in the graph as a dip.

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      elisa saadah

      Oo… thanks a lot, but can you give some good reference about power and mode sir…?

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      elisa saadah

      and why if i try without dipersion the result only three not five?

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