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      Rohan katti

      I am working on design of a new all optical reversible gate using Mach-Zehnder Interferomter which is available as a component in Optisystem -13. Previously when i used MZI i would get the results by adjusting the delay of MZI randomly, but in the present case of reversible gates, i would like to know is there any specific procedure to adjust the ‘Delay’ of MZI . Kindly let me know how to adjust the values of the delay of MZI.

      Thank You

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      I have the same question hope this answer could help me as well…

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      Damian Marek

      In our MZM Measured models including the LiNO3 model you can state the amplitude and phase values as a function of voltage. Here phase would act as a delay.

      Is that what you are interested in?

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      Chuanchang Zeng

      I have the same question hope this answer could help me as well..Er

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      Rohan katti

      @ Damian Marek : In the MZI, there is a phase change between the two arms of the interferometer, which is given by (2 * Pi * n)/Lambda, where n is the refractive index of the waveguide and lambda is the wavelength of the incoming signal, so how do we get a relationship between that theoritical phase shift and the delay parameter for the component MZI in Optisystem.

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      Hamada Masri

      Hi Damian Marek;
      what is the relation between delay and phase to achieve my required delay?


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