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      Hello Everyone !

      I want to know that on Optifdtd, could Long Period grating (LPG) in any optical fiber be created (virtually) and the same can be simulated for transmission and reflectance peaks.

      Please answer asap.

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      Damian Marek

      The FDTD method is limited to smaller sized domains as it is very computationally intensive. For long period gratings I would suggest OptiGrating.


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      Ok. I will read more about Optigrating. I have one more question to you Damian – If I have to taper an optical fiber (plastic optical fiber) and use the tapered region for sensing, can it be performed in OptiFTDT ?


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        Damian Marek

        Again this depends on the specifics of the design. If the taper is short enough then yes! However, if the taper is over a couple of mm’s then the FDTD method would be unsuitable.

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      it is of 7-8 mm.

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      which software could do that ?

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        Damian Marek

        If the fiber does not have a grating, it could be simulated with OptiBPM.

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      Yes Damian, the tapered fiber is separate, the tapering is done on plastic optical fiber.

      Grating is not involved in this. An image of taper is attached below. It may be from 7- 13 mm.

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