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      Respected All ,

      I have been doing simulations on Optifdtd based on photonic crystal structures. For optimum result of the output, i increase the ‘time steps’ in ‘2d 32 bit simulation parameters’. But the simulations are taking quiet a long time. A 2gb ram is installed in my machine. Do increasing the ram can speed up the simlations. If yes how much ram has to be used. Also if is there any other method for the same.

      Thanks very much

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Subhashish,

      You are correct that increasing the memory will speed up simulation in certain cases. Especially if it is the resolution of the mesh that is the limiting factor. If your computer does not have the required RAM it will use part of your hard drive to store information, which drastically slows down performance. Since you are using the 32 bit version of the software it will limit the amount of RAM you can use effectively to around 4 GB.

      In the simulation window it will give you an estimate of how much RAM is needed.


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      Saurav Chanda

      Hi Subhashish, you can run your simulation smoothly if at all you increase the RAM to 4GB. That will probably increase the speed and I think the processor speed is also quite important factor herein.



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