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      Philip Weetman

      Hi Everyone,

      I am one of the research scientists working on OptiSystem. As you are all aware, spatial multiplexing has become a topic of high interest. I will be in charge of augmenting our multimodal capabilities with an eye towards offering a spatial multiplexing solution in our software.

      I would like to invite anybody here who has any ideas or wishes for new components or component improvements in this regard to email me at Philip.Weetman@optiwave.com under the subject line “Invitation for input on spatial multiplexing in OptiSystem “. I cannot guarantee I will reply to you, but I will definitely take everyone’s opinion into account during this development.

      All the best!

      Philip Weetman

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      Abdallah Ismail

      Hi Philip,
      Spatial multiplexing is divided into two technologies:
      1-Mode Division Multiplexing.
      2-Multicore Fiber.
      I think you plan to focus on mode division multiplexing.so It is like single mode fiber system requirements:
      In Transmiter:
      You need mode Multiplexer and mode converter (between LP01 and other modes),Also the WDM mux. that support spatial modes are required.
      In Fiber:
      You need to model few mode fiber which is close to single mode fiber more than multimode fiber and this includes dispersion ,nonlinearity and linear coupling.
      In Reciver :
      You need mode Demultiplexer and MIMO (MIMO depends on DMGD and coupling with reverse effects)
      Also you need Few Mode EDFA.
      Most of these Devises Except MIMO,will produce random coupling,which should be considered and modeled as option.
      Also you have Mode dependent loss which occur in fiber and EDFA but the dominant is that in EDFA.
      Most of your Equipment have defects With Mode Division Multiplexing and need to be checked and developed.
      Hope you can do it before March2015 because after this I’ll miss it.

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      mohammed mostafa

      thanks Abdallah

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      Agree with Abdallah, SDM (and especially MDM) is of high interest. Can refer to following papers:

      “Wavelength-Selective Switches for Mode-Division Multiplexing: Scaling and Performance Analysis”

      “Design of a Compact Two-Mode Multi/Demultiplexer Consisting of Multimode Interference Waveguides and a Wavelength-Insensitive Phase Shifter for Mode-Division Multiplexing Transmission”

      “Mode-Division Multiplexing Transmission System With DMD-Independent Low Complexity MIMO Processing”

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      Philip Weetman

      Hi Guys,

      We have now implemented some SDM capabilities in OptiSystem 14.0.

      – We have rewritten our multimode Er and Yb doped amplifiers to calculate mode-dependent gain correctly. You will notice that it runs longer than our old component, this is because there are many spatial overlap integrals that must be performed to get an accurate calculation.

      – We have created a new “Spatial Demultiplexer” component, which demultiplexes both wavelengths and spatial modes. Right now the spatial mode separation is just “ideal”, no coupling between the different spatial modes. In the future we would like to add some coupling or even try to simulate something like a photonic lantern.

      – Damian has created an OptiSystem project for a two mode SDM example. It is in our samples folder.

      We invite all of you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

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      prakash jat

      hi philip

      how many modes can we use without distortion? and is it applicable in FSO component also?

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      Philip Weetman

      Hi Prakash,

      The distortion is a major issue with this research. It will depend on many factors: refractive index and doping profiles, signal modes used, pumping modes used, etc … We have provided a tool for the calculation and we are interested in seeing the designs the research community can create. I’d recommend you search through the literature and see which configurations have been studied.

      These components can be used in FSO with appropriate designs.

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      prakash jat

      thank you philip sir

      1. if we multiplex our data through helix modulator( i mean now you have LG and HG mode,converting this mode in helical mode),then really it could possible( ORBITAL ANGULAR MULTIPLEXING).

      2. definetly we can use with it FSO component but it does not show effect of mode propagation( or as well as number of mode, beam spot size), then we need to go matlab interfacing which is tedious work

      3. if you will develop or add such type of think in optissytem then really it would be very very helpfull for everybody

      with regards

      let me know if i am wrong

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      prakash jat

      HI sir

      1. can you attach demo file as you said in post #29193 ( with proper pumping in Er and Yb doped fiber)?
      2. how much wide can we take core radious (MAXIMUM)?

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