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      Hello Sir ,

      I want to make a waveguide structure using the photonic crystals to act as a switch. I want to know how can i introduce non-linearity in one or more of the photonic crystals which will act as a defect. Is there any option to set the equations of non-linearity in Optifdtd as shown in the paper attached. Also how can i view the input outputs characteristics including reflectance and transmittance graphs.

      Thank you

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      Aurelien Duval


      Try this file.

      By default, the input field is 1000 V/m, you’ll see that the light propagates across the crystal almost unperturbed. Now if you change the input field to 1 V/m (switch off the pump), then the light is steered to the other output port.

      This is the expected behavior, however, I suspect a sign problem with the nonlinearities somewhere as the behavior is the inverse from the the paper!
      You can try and experiment with various coefficients values and power levels.

      Best regards

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