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      Saurav Chanda

      Hey everyone, I actually need an information. I have been using FDTD for some works related to Gates. Well I have been facing a problem in setting the length i.e. the length between two waveguides if at all its in ‘Y’ shaped. Here is the file attached below.

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      Aurelien Duval


      Are you using OptiFDTD to simulate your problem? Is so, could you attach your project file so I can have a look? Which length are you referring to?

      Best regards


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      Saurav Chanda

      Hey Aurelien,
      Yes I am using it but cant figure out, if at all its completed successfully I will definately attach the file. Here lenght I meant is the distance from the starting point of the Y shaped waveguide till the junction where the two straight line joins at a point to form the desired Y shape.


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        Damian Marek

        Hi Saurav,

        Aurelien is away for the week, but I can help answer your question. We have a tutorial at:

        PBG Layout

        That could be a good place to learn how to edit the layout and introduce defects. To make that segment longer, you would just need to start the the points A and B farther apart and maybe increase the simulation domain.

        Hope this helps!

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      Its is dependent on the photonic crystals size and lattice constant.

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      Saurav Chanda

      Thank you subhashish..

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