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      and the desired input-output curve is shown in the figure below.

      By the way, I wanna know what is the difference between traveling-wave SOA and Wideband traveling-wave SOA?
      and how to change the saturation inflection point of SOA so that the signal power does not begin to saturate until after 0dBm?

      P.S. I use the 15.0 version.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Eli,
      please refer to the examples in OptiSystem Example Library for guidance and information on SOAs. You can find related examples at the following links.
      C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\OptiSystem 17.1 Samples\Component sample files\Amplifiers Library\Optical\SOA
      C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\OptiSystem 17.1 Samples\Optical amplifiers\Semiconductor optical amplifiers

      You can also find the theory about any component used in OptiSystem in the datasheet that can be access by clicking on Help button in the component properties popup window or in the document OptiSystem_Component_Library.pdf

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