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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi Every one !
      Hope u all r fine !

      1. I want to know how to find the “Time period and pulse width” of the generated output optical signal ?
      The setup is shown as below.

      In the figure the output optical signal is shown by using optical time domain optical visualizer.

      1. Now i want to know how to measure the “time period” and “pulse width” of the generated optical signal from the modulator. output optical signal is shown in the figure.

      Kindly suggest me any procedure of measuring time period and pulse width of the modulated signal.

      I will be very thankful to u, for ur this kindness.

      Best Regards
      Best Wishes

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      Damian Marek

      Hi bilal,

      You can right click the graph and open the Info pane. Then right-clicking again and choosing Marker you will be able to set two markers and the difference, addition values will be automatically calculated.

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      Ibn Aziz

      Thanks Alot Damian Marek.

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