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      How we can find the best geometry and design for mach zehnder interferometer?
      I need the perfect design for it and it should consist of electrodes, any example?
      many thanks

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      Steve Dods

      In the OptiBPMsamples directory there is a directory called Mzi. Inside are samples and documentation of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer.

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      yes I can see but I wish have something like 2 Y shape connected each other that kind of mach zehnder, this one is different I think so right?

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      Steve Dods

      Yes, it is different. You’ll have to make your own layout, but it is worthwhile to study the MZI example. You can use it as a guide.

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      many thanks, If any more sample regarding this matter please let me know, nice.

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      rabeya shompa

      Hi everyone,
      Tutorial 14 results in no insertion loss at 0 and 6.75 voltage.. how’s dat even possible… when I studied i found in every paper containing loss result…

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      Steve Dods

      Near zero insertion loss in a waveguide coupler is theoretically possible. On the other hand, in practice there will probably be insertion loss in coupling light in and out of the waveguides. Therefore measurements of a coupler can be expected to have insertion loss.

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