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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi every one !
      Hope u all r fine !

      I am working on a project , whose file is attached below.

      The problem i am facing is that, after simulation when i check “RF spectrum analyzer results” it shows only “one band” but do not show any other side bands.

      For my project i need to work on side bands also so kindly tell me how can i increase the resolution or measured values in RF spectrum analyzer so that i can see at least two side bands with central/major side bands in one window of Rf spectrum analyzer ??

      I am also sharing picture of “RF spectrum analyzer” after photo detection and “Optical spectrum” before photo detection (or u can say that after 3 km fiber distance).

      In optical spectrum analyzer graph (as given below in pic) u will clearly see three frequency bands. The same three bands should be shown in “RF Spectrum analyzer” but it does not.

      (I m using opti sys 7)

      So kindly tell me the way so that i can resolve this issue. It wil be helpfull for others also.

      I wil be very thankful to u.

      Best Regards
      Best wishes

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      Ibn Aziz

      Any Opti sys team member who know why RF spectrum analyzer is not showing the side bands plz share ur knowledge ??

      As there r 3 bands in Optical spectrum analyzer as shown above but after photo-detection and conversion of signal into elctrical domain the RF spectrum analyzer is showing only one band. But i need to analyze side band of Rf spectrum also.

      So any one knows the procedure hw to bring sided bands in RF spectrum analyzer kindly share.

      Best Regards

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        Damian Marek

        When the optical signal is converted to an electrical signal it is downsampled, which means it will lose the amount of bandwidth that it can represent. Try increasing the samples per bit or modifying the downsample option in the receiver.

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