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      Aishwarya Raj

      Hello there. I wanted to ask that how should I design a MATLAB code so that I can interlink MATLAB and optisystem. When I tried the generate code option a code gets created automatically. But I am not getting how to make changes in the code to make it run for my use. Also,I have attached the circuit and where should I place the MATLAB component.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Typically you need to write your Matlab code and link the file name to the proper field in the Matlab component in OptiSystem. However, you need to make sure that you define first the number of input and output ports of the Matlab component in OptiSystem and identify the type of signal (Optical, electrical, M-ary, binary) that you’ll deal with in your Matlab code. Finally, You need to structure the signal in the Matlab code properly following the instructions provided in the datasheet that can be accessed in the Help button in the Matlab component properties window in OptiSystem.
      You use also watch the relevant Optiwave’s webinars at the location below for more information.

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