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      Giacomo Proscia

      Hi, I would like to simulate the behavior of a bathymetric LiDAR but I would like to understand which components I should use to model the channel. The LiDAR is placed on a UAS platform (such as a drone) so the signal must go through the air, through water, touch the seabed and come back. How do I model this channel? Should I place the FSO Channel and NLOS Underwater Channel components in series?
      Thanks for support.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Giacomo,
      My recommendation for your system is to use the FSO Channel, then a Reflector Bidirectional component that addresses the reflection from the water surface, then another FSO Channel component to go back to the UAV. If you will assume the signal has to go through the water surface and reflect from seafloor or other layers, then using the NLOS Underwater Channel component would be inaccurate because the model is assuming the light is propagated within the water and reflected from the water surface to receiver in the water.
      We are introducing a new component that has roughness feature which could handle the wavy feature of the sea surface in Mar2024.

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