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      Dear all;
      I’m having problems what to connect to the Input Reference of BER Analyzer since DP-QPSK doesn’t have a Reference output.
      any suggestion?
      thanks in advance

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      Damian Marek


      Take a look at the sample file found in the “OptiSystem 12 Samples\Advanced modulation systems\PSK systems” folder named “DPSK Step 7 – Transmitter and receiver with eye diagram.osd”. You should be able to take the same approach to observe the eye diagram of a QPSK system.

      Generally though since higher order modulation formats have more than 1 bit per symbol the eye diagram is less often used, because there are multiple eyes. Constellation diagrams are probably more useful for visualizing the signal and the error vector magnitude can be calculated from it.


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        Laksmi Juwita

        Dear Damian, how can we determine the M-ary Threshold detector threshold amplitude and output amplitude?

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