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      satiaa lateef


      I ‘am trying to build circuit that shown here

      Optical Time Domain Multiplexing (OTDM) Design

      figure 2 .

      as shown in attachment pic

      I had found every thing from component library except the( subsystem ) !

      where can find it ? , i try to open all of them but cannot find it
      please can you help me to find it

      thank you for your interisting

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      Abdallah Ismail

      subsystem may contain a lot of components inside.
      Right click on subsystem and choose “look inside”. it’ll open the internal circuit.
      Also, you can create a subsystem by highlighting more than one component and then right click>>>>create subsystem

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      satiaa lateef

      thank you very much Abdallah Ismail

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      Heitor Galvao

      Depending on who is using optisystem this file comes as an example, you open the project, click the right button and click the look inside, ready your subsystem you’re looking for.

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      Ashu verma

      Yes i am agree with Heitor and abdallah.You can see and create subsystem by just right click on selected components

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