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      oussama gharbi

      hi everyone;

      I’m trying to simulate the GFDM modulation with (optisystem15,matlab) but i have an error in the output signal as depicted in picture below.

      I simulate the GFDM only with matlab and i get the good spectrum (file test.m) but with optisystem i have some problems.

      you find in attachment the optisystem and matlab files.

      thx for cooperation.

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      there many matlab files!! not sure which one you used!!

      I have tried to run it and I got different error in the code itself.
      your error means the input port is not defined properly.

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      oussama gharbi

      Hi Mr Mohamed;

      the main program calls many functions so you find many matlab files.

      Anyway, you find ,in attachment, anathor gfdm matlab code developed according to pdf file (google patent).
      below you find :
      1- osd file (coherent detection; B2B)
      2- matlab code for Tx (iq.m)
      3- matlab code for RX (rec.m)
      4- matlab code for the whole system (Tx+Rx) (gfdm_google_awgn);
      5-pdf file (google patent)

      I think that i have some problems in the reception side and the ber analyzer don’t work.

      Thanks for cooperation!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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