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      dear friend,

      in fourwave mixing, after fibre propagation , i could get validate fourwave mixed signal at spectrum analyzer by keeping at unit as dBM, but if am changing to watt conversion the resultant signal seem to be an input signal itself , what is reason behind that changes, and also i need to know the formula for generated fourwave mixed signal ,

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      Abdallah Ismail

      It is clear is the scaling.Log scale is compressing scale.
      try to use zoom out many times from right click in the plot,then go to down near zero,you’ll find what do you want.
      Hope it helps you.

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      Damian Marek

      Abdallah is right about your first question. The linear(W) and logarithmic(dB) scale are inherently different. The log scale allows you to compare signals that are orders of magnitude different.

      I suggest reading the Technical Background on the Optical Fiber component. It discusses how four-wave mixing is simulated between channels.


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