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      I have a problem of long time for multi-sweep simulation. when i cancelled the simulation at the last one or two sweeps of about 20 sweeps i get no results. so the idea is to add option to cancel the simulation at any point and get the results of the finished sweeps. i think it is good idea to be added to the next version or sub-version

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      Ahmad Mustafa

      Hello Mohammed,

      The problem you presented can be solved by using MATLAB Cosimulation. It means to run multiple sweeps/iterations in Optisystem through MATLAB. In this way, you will have the results of your individual iteration stored in MATLAB no matter if you cancel the simulation at any point. Please try to follow the following .m and .osd sample files to see how MATLAB Cosimulation works with OptiSystem:


      Good Luck.


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      Hello Ahmed,
      Thank you for your help, and invaluable advice that i am going to try . but my contribution is as an advice to optisystem developing teamwork to add this as enhancement to the core of the program for all optisystem users with no need to use any other software.

      Thank you again.
      Best regards,

      Mohammed Alaydi

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      Bryan Tipper

      Mohammed: Thank-you very much for your suggestion. I have forwarded your request to our OptiSystem team.


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      Thank you Mr Bryan for the action, i am looking forward for the best for all.

      Best Regards,
      Mohammed Al aydi

Viewing 4 reply threads
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