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      Vidhya V J

      I had downloaded Optisystem 13.0 trial version using my Optiwave account. The license of the software got expired after the trial period of 30 days. Is it possible to re-download the software for another 30 days trial period using my account ? Though it’s seen in the profile that a member can download the trial versions for maximum 3 times, the software downloaded at the 2nd time showed “license expired” message after the installation.

      How can I extend/activate the license of the software ?

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      Bryan Tipper


      Great questions! We no longer extend evaluations past 30 days. If you would like the software for another month or two, you can contact us via info@optiwave.com and request a monthly lease quotation.

      Regarding the maximum # of download attempts: This is put in place for users with poor internet connections. Each download is identical, and will only result in a total of 30-days. After 30-days, the computer will be locked from further evaluations for that particular product version.

      To maximize your evaluations, please note that you can evaluate each product for 30-days for each major version (10, 11, 12, etc.). So once OptiSystem 14 is released, you will be given another 30-days.


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      Bryan is right

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      Ashu verma

      thank you bRYAN,iS OPTISYSTEM 14 Out? From where i can download this? Also you have told about mothly lease? How much cost we have to bear to extend it for another month?From where i can find the optisystem 14 tutorials so that i would get know about the new components or system you included in 14 version.
      Thank you

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Thankyou bryan!!
      Dear Samsung, Optisystem 14 is still not out!! bryan was trying to explain that whenever it comes out you will get another 30 days of evaluation.

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      Ajay Vyas

      We are waiting for Optisystem 14.0. Is any update version after 13.2?

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      Hi Ajay,
      There hasn’t been any update version since 13.2 up until now.
      I would also like to know when OptiSystem 14 is going to be released. Has Optiwave announced an official time for that?

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