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      Parikhit Dutta

      Hello all,

      I wanted to find out if it is possible to export the output result of any component, such as a BER Analyzer or Optical Power Meter, as a text file or a csv file. When carrying out iterations in OptiSystem it gets a little tedious, many a times, to note the value of the desired signal for every iteration. Although using the ‘Component Results’ I am able to copy the desired signal result into a text file or an excel file but this again has to be carried out for each iteration. Is there any easy method to obtain the results of all the iterations at one go?

      Thank you.

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      Hi Parikhit Dutta,
      In optisystem, one way to perform various simulation is to put the parameters in sweep mode. Another way to do the simulation is to use the script page to setup the parameters and store the necessary results. I have not tried, but if you can try in this direction then please share your experience.

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      Heitor Galvao

      Share your experience with the solution I’m interested in hearing how it goes.

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      Parikhit Dutta


      I have been working with the VB scripting for each component and I found the results I had been expecting. I wrote some simple scripts for each component and stored the output result in individual text files for each component. A little knowledge on VB and the tutorial that came along with the documentation helped a lot.

      Attached with this reply is a text file with the VB code that I wrote for obtaining the Total Power Value of an Optical Power Meter for 10 iterations.

      * Using the ‘Component Result’ I noted the parameters the values for which are to be populated in the text file.
      * The script was written on the ‘Component Script’ window after ‘enabling script’ and I chose the option for running the script at the end of complete simulation

      Now, I am trying to figure out a way of appending the results at each simulation because the text file is overwritten with each simulation. Also, I am trying to put the results of all components into a single file. At present the result for each component is written on a different text file.

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        Heitor Galvao

        Excellent, thanks for sharing your experience.

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        Damian Marek

        Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your work.

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      Sadra Kashef


      I need for your help: How can i import ‘Current iteration’ or ‘Sweep iterations’ to Matlab.
      In fact, i need the Current sweep iteration number in Matlab, in other word, i want to have ‘Current sweep iteration’ in each iteration.


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