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      Hesam Ardakani

      Hello folks,

      I just realized that there is only one option to export OptiFDTD data , which is monitoring in Optiwave Viewer.
      I am looking for a way to have access to raw data with “TXT” format.

      Any clue is appreciated.

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      Damian Marek

      Hey Hesam,

      Those files created by exporting can be opened by text editors even though they might be named .f3d or .f2d. Try opening Notepad (or any text editor) and dragging the file into the window. You can also right click the file and choose the “Open with” option.


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      Hesam Ardakani

      Cool! It works. Thanks Damian.
      The only issue is that an image matrix is converted into a two-column matrix in Notepad and Excel.

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      Aurelien Duval


      It’s because our files use a single column of data points (the two columns you see correspond to real and imaginary parts of the field at each point).

      There’s a way to export data to a matrix format:

      1) Open your f3d file using the default program (Optiwave 3D Viewer)
      2) Select the desired data type (amplitude, intensity etc) in the data tab on the left so it becomes highlighted
      3) Right click on the highlighted data type and select “Data viewer”
      4) To export the entire matrix, click in the top-left corner of the matrix
      5) Right click and select “copy selection”

      You can now paste you data into excel for example.

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        Hesam Ardakani

        Many thanks Aurelien. It makes my life easier.
        Now it’s a piece of cake. Yesterday I developed a code to convert that linear matrix to an intensity image matrix.

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        Hello Aurelien,

        I have met the same problem to exporting data to a matrix format. I followed your steps, but in step 4), when I right click the top-left corner of the matrix, there is no response. I am not sure whether I have clicked the right area.

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      It could be your file is corrupted. I opened a 64 bit sample in FDTD 32 bit and it seems to simulate normal. But when I tried to copy the data, I had the same problem – when I right click the top-left corner, nothing happened. Then I built a new file in FDTD 32 bit from the scratch, I can copy the data just fine. I also notice another problem when directly open 64 bit sample in FDTD 32, the Gaussian Window was not messed up. I couldn’t seem to find a way to correct it, so I just started from the scratch.

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      Jolie Blake

      I tried this but my matrix is just filled with zeros every time even though my simulation is fine.

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