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      Naveenta Gautam


      I want to train a neural network for which I need to vary different parameters (such as the number of fiber spans, transmitted power or the random seed index in a PRBS). I cannot find any component in optisystem which allows you to do so. I have figured out a way to save data for each sweep manually using MATLAB component. But since I have to collect a large amount of data I cannot do it manually.

      Please suggest a way of collecting data for multiple parameter sweeps. I saw another thread in this forum with a MATLAB code for saving data but it doesn’t work.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Naveenta,
      you may use the save results and parameters feature in OptiSystem, which can be activated from the main layout properties window. It would work for any number of sweep iterations. You need to choose the desired results from the components’ results and the parameters from the components properties popup window.
      This feature can be accessed in version higher than 16.0.

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