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      Alabbas Al-Azzawi

      Dear sirs/madam,

      I’m working on the erbium doped fiber amplifier. I designed a simple configuration of single-pass EDFA. I used a dual port WDM analyzer to calculate the gain and noise figure characteristics.

      As I know, the noise figure is calculated by using this equation: NF = (SNR)in – (SNR)out.
      However, I got different NF when I used the equation above (please see the attached photo).

      Could you please inform me what the equation that used by dual port WDM analyzer to calculate the NF.

      Thank you.
      Best regards.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Alabbas,
      The EDFA noise figure calculation depends on the bandwidth used for calculating the noise power as described in the attached datasheet of the WDM Analyzer Visualizer. You may access it by right click on the visualizer, then select Help.

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