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      I was wondering can we put separate electrodes in different side of silicon wave guide then measure the drift current, is the any tutorial for bpm or any other solution for this matter? let me make more obvious, we have silicon wave guide let’s say splitter, I need to have light and voltage in the same time, basically in silicon the drift current is significant, I wish we could have a simulation to support both electrical and optical matters, would you please let me know what to do?

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      Steve Dods

      OptiBPM models the electro-optic effect. This is the change in the permittivity or refractive index as a result of an externally applied electric field. OptiBPM can take electrode geometry and material properties to calculate the electric field given applied voltages to the electrodes, and calculate the effect on optical propagation from the electro-optic effect. This does not involve electron transport issues like drift current.

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      Hi Mohammad,

      If you are working with a circuit level design then, from my experience, I can recommend you to try OptiSPICE for your project.

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