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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi every one !

      1. i am searching for a tutorial/ example file related to electro absorption Modulator (EAm) in opti sys but did not find any signl one.

      If any one have such access/info kindly share.

      2. why we are getting contineous/ straight transfer function of EAM i am attching here the pic of graph between input amplitude vs output optical power ??

      3. while making 2 D graph i have seen very less parameters in EAM result file , why it is so like that ? evn there is not any result log in dB’s e.g output pwer in dB.
      if any one know hw to get graph in dB for EAM plz share.

      4. if any one have gud refrece/ tutorial/ example related to EAM plz share.

      I wil be very thank full to u.

      Best Regards
      Best Wishes

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